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     This website is regarded as an independent investment platform. It is meant to give users information on Capitalist Assets and familiarize them with the Capitalist Assets services and investment strategies. This website doesn't deal with the investment importunities, it provides no proposals, or recommendations, or advice on buying or selling securities which can be considered illegal. Users act of their own free will, though they are strongly recommend consulting some professionals and experts before taking any investment decision.

     As for payment processor that we accept now, Capitalist Assets doesn't take the consequences of payment processor's closing down or problems with our account (blocking/suspending/closing) in any way. You will contact this payment processor yourself and in your own behalf to get a payback. No compensatory payments can be expected from Capitalist Assets.

      BITCOIN are the only currency received on deposits and we don't work with other currencies.

     You should make all the deposits at our online platform only.

     Each deposit is regarded as a privately negotiated transaction. The transaction parties are Capitalist Assets and its Member.

     This programme is a private transaction and due to it this programme is not regulated by the US Securities Act of 1933, the US Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and the US Investment Company Act of 1940. It is not subject to all other rules, regulations or amendments.

     During our partnership our Clients need to provide us with some obligatory information. You shouldn't worry about the privacy and the ways we use this information.

     In case you provide us with your private information (such as your e-wallet and e-mail address) you can be sure that no one else will get the access to it. We never sell and share our Clients' personal information, or make it public in any way. The information is completely safe.

     As our partners you can be sure that we'll assume all the possible measures to protect your information from undesirable attention. Confidence is a basis of our policy.

     We guarantee that we'll keep your personal information from the third parties and we'll not disclose it to the maximum extent allowed by law. At the same time we'll use this information insofar as necessary to provide you with our products and services. We consider our Clients' privacy to be of main importance for us.

     We also consider it very important to protect our Clients from spam. We believe it is an obligatory component of any high-quality and safe service.

     Spam is the use of e-mails for sending unsolicited materials (also called "junk mail"), which are unwanted for an addressee. No one request it, but everyone can receive it and waste time on it.

     We don't send unsolicited e-mails. It is forbidden when it comes to any our service or product.

     In case you received an e-mail on our services or products which seems to be spam, please, inform us about it as quick as possible from your e-mail account applying the unsolicited e-mail. We'll invest all our efforts to fix the problem, if you'll provide us with the details which may help us with it.

     Your private information will never be shared, sold or rented. The only exception is the order of the court of law. The only person who has an access to the client confidences is an employee whose task is to manage this information.

     If you disagree with all mentioned above, please, do not go any further.

For more details, please, contact our support.


Sep 10, 2017

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